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NEW VICTORIA VENUE - Vegas Waverley Gardens
August 14, 2014

Starting Tuesday 2nd September Vegas Waverley Gardens will be hosting weekly poker games. $25 Entry. Registration from 6pm - Game Starts 7pm. See you there!

PACIFIC PINES - $300 in Prizes to be won!
June 26, 2014

Pacific Pines are back by popular demand, kicking off poker again from Friday 11th July. Cash to be won. $300 in prizes, Vouchers for 2nd and 3rd. Bikini Waitresses and Meal Deals! Come down for some Texas Hold'em Action!

June 26, 2014

Starting Wednesday 2nd July at Edinburgh Castle we're bumping up our first prize payout. $300 Cash for first and Bar Tabs for second and third. Bring a friend for 2,500 chip up each. Come on down to share in the Ca$h!

National Leaderboard
Danyal Laakman 11639 pts SA
Carmelo De Bartolo 9618 pts SA
Denise Charlton 9183 pts QLD
Cameron Aitken 9044 pts SA
Kelly Fitzpatrick 8678 pts SA
Serena Middleton 8531 pts VIC
Darren Melia 7762 pts VIC
John Yacoumis 7441 pts SA
Julian Padovan 6902 pts VIC
Dennis Webb 6876 pts QLD
Cathy Macciavelli 6649 pts SA
Peter Schievenin 6561 pts SA
Colin Jephcott 6200 pts VIC
Mary De Bartolo 5992 pts SA
Ali Ak Balik 5219 pts VIC
Carol Whearem 5077 pts VIC
Vic Langsam 5007 pts VIC
Margaret Cotton 4855 pts SA
Mark Johnson 4662 pts VIC
Vincent Laguda 4653 pts VIC
Jack Paerau 4646 pts VIC
Patrick Martino 4534 pts VIC
Iby Kaakour 4508 pts VIC
Robert Mackintosh 4503 pts VIC
Perry Langley 4466 pts QLD
George Seitis 4408 pts QLD
Jo Seed 4401 pts VIC
Andrew Reynolds 4320 pts SA
Philip Flanagan 4236 pts QLD
Atinah Hope 4203 pts QLD
Wai-Marie Brown 4140 pts SA
Anthony Dunlop 4077 pts VIC
Alan Bolton 4062 pts VIC
Arif Sabri 4058 pts VIC
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