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New South Wales
Richard O'Neill
Mobile : 0402 146661
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Bernie Diab
Mobile : 0408 262123
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South Australia
Chris Sleeman
Mobile : 0452 342 836
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Richard O'Neill
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Mark Paver
Mobile : 0421 089366
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Host NPPL Poker in your Venue!

Draw patrons to your venue through the fun and excitement of playing in Australia’s premier poker league.

No Limit Texas Hold'em is the game and we provide all the staff, tables, chairs and equipment necessary to run a professional tournament at your venue.

All you need to supply is the space!

The bluff and bravado of the "game", the chance to pit one's wits against each other, the ecstasy of victory and the accompanying bragging rights are all part of what makes poker just about the most unashamedly fun game in the world.

With expertise in the hospitality industry, the NPPL works closely with all our partners to ensure that all the events are managed in a professional manner offering highly entertaining events for your patrons.

What do I need?

NPPL provides everything required for suitable venues to host No Limit Texas Hold'em Tournaments. Events range in size from 10 to 1000 players depending on the venue size and take an average of 4 to 6 hours from sign-in to completion though we can accomodate any timeframe.

NPPL will Provide

- Tournament Directors
- Poker Tables/Table Tops
- Poker Chips & Cards
- Membership Sign Up Facilities
- Tournament Software
- Rules & Regulations
- Major Prizes
- Promotion of the event

In addition, the NPPL helps our official venues promote their Texas Hold'Em Tournaments by providing marketing collateral such as A2 posters, Outdoor Banners, SMS and Email marketing and promoting all events on our website free of charge.