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Why Corporate Poker?

Poker is the fantastic alternative to the traditional corporate entertainment evening!

Not only is poker the fastest growing sport-activity in the world, it is of course fantastic fun. The bluff and bravado of the game, the chance to pit one's wits against co-workers as well as bosses, the ecstasy of victory and the accompanying bragging rights are all part of what makes poker just about the most unashamedly fun game in the world.

Our random table draws will provide an excellent atmosphere by mixing clients with employees, or blending your different departments together, allowing for a great bonding experience.

Moreover, playing poker demands many of the skills that are required in the business world; reading people and knowing who you're dealing with, constant pragmatic assessment of the situation, selective aggression, patience, mental coordination, taking calculated risks, the list goes on and on...

In summary, a corporate poker evening can be an excellent way to entertain clients, a great method of augmenting team morale, and most importantly it will be tremendous fun!

Why choose NPPL?

NPPL is Australia's premier poker events company, currently managing over 500 poker events a week around Australia. Catering for 1 table of 6 players to 85 tables for a 650 player event; the NPPL can accommodate all your needs. Finally, we have established excellent relations with many perfect venues for corporate poker events, including cruise ships!

NPPL offers a clear, concise and interactive service to teach participants of the evening Texas Holdem poker. Our aim is that players will not only enjoy themselves (as well as possibly winning a prize or two) but that once the evening is over they will feel playing poker in any atmosphere; that they will know the rules of the game, how to correctly make bets, as well as some proven poker techniques and strategy.

Tailored Solution
NPPL can organise as much of the evening as you wish; from merely the poker aspect, to everything including sourcing the venue, providing food, drinks etc. We offer a standard set of poker-related prizes, however can also source any sort of prize that you would like. Our goal is to make this a fun and memorable experience for everyone who attends.

Complete Service
The NPPL is happy to offer a different package based upon the requirements of our client, the skill level of the players involved, time constraints, venue issues etc. We can also source several different prizes, poker-related and non poker-related. Another option is to have the event photographed or filmed. Please let us know how we can make the evening work best for you.

Poker Teaching

NPPL prides itself on offering a clear, concise and interactive service to teach participants of the evening Texas Hold'em poker. We feel that our greatest service is passing on knowledge of poker and ensuring that not only do participants at our evenings have an enjoyable and memorable experience, but also that they leave having learnt as much about poker as possible.

To this end we employ knowledgeable, professional dealers who will help the evening run smoothly and who will be on hand to answer any questions throughout the event. The core tuition takes place before any poker is played, as one of our experienced staff will give a presentation, aided by dealers showing examples on each individual table. Our tuition can, of course, be adapted to meet your requirements and the level of experience of the players attending.

Winning a hand:
How do you win a hand in poker? What happens if two players have a hand of equal value? We will run through all conceivable occurrences and clear up any doubts you may have.

What's the best way to play poker? Should I play aggressively? Does maths play a part in the game? In the core of our tuition we will discuss the best poker playing strategies to enable players to make the most of their evening and have the best chance at winning a prize.

Is poker truly a bluffer's game? How can I bluff effectively? How can I spot other peoples' bluffs? You will learn about table image, tells, and how much bluffing really matters in poker.

How much can one bet? What is the correct way to bet? What exactly is a reraise? You will be taught all this and more, enabling you to feel totally comfortable at the poker table.

Hand rankings:
Players will be taught the ranking of hands for Texas Hold'em as well as their associated terminology. Does a straight beat a flush? What exactly is a 'set'? We will teach you all you need to know about how strong your poker hand is.

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